Monday, April 11, 2016



  1. Opening act:
  2. Mastodon:  A kind of dog.
  3. To catch up: Meet someone you have not seen in a while and talk about what is new in your lives.
  4. Three’s Company: A popular American comedy show from the 1970s and 1980s, staring John Ritter and Suzanne Summers.  Three’s company and four is a crowd.
  5. To fluff: Ruffle, plump up, tousle, rumple.  To hit the pillows and make them comfortable.
  6. Ammunition: Things or words to use against someone.
  7. Thigh Master: A home exercise tool or device used to strengthen and tone your upper legs.
  8. Doy and Dinah: Just made up words.
  9. Sonogram: A medical machine used to look at a baby in the mother’s womb.
  10. To have a thing for someone: To be romantically interested and attracted to someone.
  11. On my part: On my behalf.
  12. To take the heat off: Take the pressure off.  To cease the attention being focused.
  13. The club (house): A place where rich people meet to drink, talk or make deals and partnerships.
  14. To leave a man (or woman) at the alter: Run away from the wedding at the last second/moment.
  15. To shoot for the stars: Aim high.  To have grand/great ambitions.  Go for the best.
  16. Anecdote:  Story, tale, yarn, sketch, a tall story, a joke.
  17. Here’s the deal: The honest truth.  This is what is happening.  This is what we are going to do.
  18. You know what they say: To understand, predict, or already be familiar with what people utter.
  19. Imaginary friend: Kids invent a fake friend with whom they interact.  Nobody is actually there.
  20. To steer clear: To try to avoid, extremely.
  21. Dumped: To leave, get rid of a boy/girlfriend.  Tell them to get lost.  Break-up, divorce, split-up. 
  22. Broken shell of a man: How a man feels after a woman leaves him or dumps him.
  23. OB-GYN: A Dr. who takes care of a woman’s health.
  24. Got me: 1. I don’t know.  2. You found me.  3.  You have figured me out or understood me.
  25. Cervix: A part of a female’s anatomy.  The narrow neck-like passage forming the lower end of the uterus. 경부
  26. Roll with the punches: To keep up with, keep going, continue.  A good response.   A witty reply. 
  27. I believe Julia’s on the table: A suggestion, proposal, offer, implication, or has been brought up.
  28. What have you been up to?  What’s new in life?  What’s up?  What’s new?  What’s happening?
  29. Not much: Answer to the question above.  Not much is new in life.  Nothing special.
  30. We’re kind of a thing now: Going out, going steady, and dating.  A couple.
  31. Plugs:  A small hair transplant used by men with a receding hairline.  Also used by bald men.
  32. They haven’t quite taken yet: When something isn’t sturdy or 100% so far.
  33. Orthodontist: A dr. who straightens teeth, places braces, bite plates, and head gear on people.
  34. Title (why is she in the title?):  The family names used for the baby.
  35. Minnie Mouse: Famous female character from Disney movies.  Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend.
  36. Helen Gellar: The name sounds familiar with Helen Keller, a famous deaf American.
  37. The Enterprise: The spaceship used in the TV and movie series Star Trek.
  38. To well-up: Filled with emotion, cry, weep, and freeze-up, sob, blubber, and tears in the eye.
  39. A cheap shot: A low blow.  To say something unfair to someone when they aren’t ready.


  1. Where did Carol meet Ross, and why?
  2. When Monica was cleaning, why did Chandler wish he were dead?
  3. How does Monica feel about the way her parents treat her?
  4. Where does Ugly Naked Guy live, and what did he get?
  5. Why was it so terrible for Rachel when she lost her ring?
  6. Why was it funny and inappropriate for Phoebe to announce that she found the ring just as Ross walked in?
  7. Why did Mr. Gellar refer to Monica as Harmonica?
  8. How did Ross compare his parents to professional killers?
  9. What did Ross want to trade with Rachel?
  10. Rachel said something got complicated.  What has she referring to?  What got complicated?
  11. Why did Ross tell Susan she had a good shake?  Handshake.
  12. The two moms wanted to name the baby Marlon if it’s a boy, and Minnie, if it’s a girl.  Why did Ross ask: “…as in Mouse”?
  13. How did Rach feel when she found out that Mindy, (her maid of honour), went to Aruba with Barry (her old fiancé)?
  14. What’s wrong with the name, Helen Gellar?
  15. Why did Ross suddenly want out of the Doctor’s office?
  16. Why did Ross suddenly want back in the Doctor’s office?
  17. What were all the friends watching on TV?
  18. Why and what did Chandler feel like it was about to attack The Enterprise?
  19. What did Phoebe think the sonogram looked it?
  20. Why did Rachel throw a cheap shot at Mindy?


  1. Where is the closest Natural History Museum?  What can you view there?
  2. Do you enjoy going to museums?  Are you interested in dinosaurs?
  3. Do you clean your bedroom/apartment when your parents come over to visit?
  4. Do your parents treat your sibling better or worse than you do?
  5. Do you have a strange neighbour, like the Ugly Naked Guy character on the TV show Friends?
  6. Have you ever lost something really important, like a ring?
  7. Do your parents have a nickname for you, like Monica, our little Harmonica?
  8. What would you do if you were in Ross’s shoes, at the OB-GYN?
  9. Would you like to trade your parents for another set?
  10. Has life ever gotten really complicated for you?
  11. Have you ever or a friend ever had to give something back to an ex?
  12. Do you know anyone who wears plugs or a wig?
  13. When you have a sonogram, would you like to have the doctor tell you the gender of your child?
  14. Would you prefer a boy or a girl for your first child?  How about for your second?
  15. What would you like to name your children?
  16. What if your old fiancé or boy/girlfriend started dating your best friend?
  17. What is your favourite sci-fi (science fiction) TV/film show/series?
  18. Has your friend or sister ever shown you a video or picture of her sonogram?
  19. How do you think you’ll feel when you see your baby’s sonogram?
  20. Have you ever cooked a meal for your parents?  Did they complain or compliment the meal?

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