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(Every Friend's episode with English subtitles)


  1. Loosely translated: Roughly means, interpreted.
  2. Clad:  dressed, clothed.  Wearing clothes.
  3. Cushions the blow: Eases the pain, makes it easy to hear.
  4. Huh?:  Hey, eh, what?
  5. A puff:  To inhale cigar or cigarette smoke into your mouth/lungs.
  6. Thumb:  The thick smaller finger on the outside of the hand.
  7. Index finger: Our first finger.
  8. Decaf: An abbreviation for decaffeinated coffee.  Take the caffeine out of the coffee.
  9. Cappuccino:  Italian coffee; coffee with a shot of espresso added, topped with whip cream. 
  10. Coffee black (black coffee): Coffee without sugar and milk or cream; straight.
  11. Latte: Coffee made with milk instead of water.
  12. Easy!: Ross said this to Phoebe to tell her to take it easy; to calm down.
  13. Satin’s minions at work again: The devil’s assistants doing something evil.
  14. We’re with you, we got it:  We clearly understand.  Monica said this so Phoebe would stop talking and being annoying with her bizarre was of speaking.
  15. Karmic:  Chance, fate, destiny, karma, fortune, luck, coincident, accident, kismet.
  16. Gross: Disgusting.
  17. Putting it out:  To stub out a cigar or cigarette.  To smash up in an ashtray.
  18. Let me figure it out: Allow me to understand and know what is going on.
  19. All over him:  Asking him many questions, bugging him, vying for his attention.
  20. Coyotes picking off weak members of the herd: Coyotes, African animals of the canine family often hunt for and go after sick, young, or old members of a group of antelope or water buffalo.
  21. Seen more than her share of bad beef:  Been with lots of awful and terrible guys.
  22. Looking out after you: Monica’s friends were just taking care of her.
  23. Slimmer: Not much chance of that happening.
  24. Filter tip little buddy: Cigarette.
  25. Alan Bashing: Complain, make-fun of, or to say bad things about Allan, Monica’s date.
  26. Who’s gonna take the first shot: Who is going to say something negative first?
  27. Come on!: Hurry, go on, quickly, just do it!!
  28. I’ll go:  Now I will speak.
  29. Yard Stick: A ruler that is about a meter long.
  30. I’d marry him for his David Hasselhoff impression alone:  Chandler loved Allan’s imitation of the star of Night Rider and Baywatch so much that he would marry him only because of this.
  31. Tasmanian Devil: A small black animal from the Australian island state of Tasmania that is also a character in Bug Bunny cartoons which has A.D.D.
  32. Hasidic Jewelers:  A cult-like and very religious kind of Jewish person who makes jewellery.
  33. We sure showed those Hasidic Jewelers a thing or two about softball:  We taught them a lesson.  We instructed them on how to play softball.  We beat them.  We were the better team.
  34. Innate:  Inborn, nature, instinctive, inherent, intrinsic.
  35. A gallon: A liquid measurement used in the American measurement system.  Non-metric.
  36. Saltines:  A kind of cracker.
  37. Tiny little hitchhiker: Hitchhikers (people who try to get a free ride at the side of the road) will stick out their thumb as an indication to drivers that they are requesting a lift in their vehicle.
  38. Maybe it’s a contest, like collect all five:  In a contest, sometimes you need to acquire five of a set, like four fingers and a thumb.
  39.  Knuckle-cracking:  To pull finger joints out of their sockets, which creates a cracking sound.
  40.  Endearing:  Appealing, charming, attractive, and engaging. 
  41.  The hair comes out and the gloves come off: When women fight, they take their hair down out of their ponytail, and when guys fight for real in a hockey match, they may take or throw off their gloves and hit each other with their fists.
  42. A cow got through:  A boyfriend ([cow] a female of the herd) made it through (survived) the friends (coyotes).
  43.  Dump him:  Let him go, break up with him, split up, get rid of.
  44. Feel the thing: Feel the sparks, feel the attraction.

  45. The bottom line:  The end result, finally, game over.
  46. Gee:  Oh, uh-huh, OK.
  47. Put it like that before: Said it like that.  No one has ever uttered it in that manner/fashion previously.
  48. Lamb Chop: A puppet show.
  49. Nicotine Patch: Like a bandage with the ingredients of a cigarette that you put on your arm and the nicotine seeps into your pours, but bypasses the harmful effects of the smoke from a cigarette.  Used by those trying to quit smoking.
  50. Pop Tart: A sweet candy like cookie-cracker often eaten for breakfast.
  51. Déjà vu:  When an occurrence seems like it is repeating itself.
  52. To let your guard down:  In the beginning of a relationship, you don’t let the other person know everything about you, but once you start to trust them, you open up and stop being so defensive.  You begin to fall in love.
  53. Can’t stand: Unable to endure or handle.
  54. To row like a Viking: Vikings were very large and tough men from Scandinavia who terrorized Europe around the years 900-1200.  They also went to Newfoundland, Canada, around 1100AD.  Vikings were able to row their boats with brute force so the boats sailed quickly.

  1. What does it mean when someone says: “We should do this again?”
  2. What does it mean when your dog dies but your parents tell you it went off to live on some farm?
  3. What were Joey and Chandler practicing in their living room?
  4. What did Chandler miss doing while holding the cigarette?
  5. Why did the friends need to switch/change their beverages after Rach served them?
  6. Why did Chandler say: “Satin’s minions at work again”.
  7. Why doesn’t Monica want to introduce Allan to her friends?
  8. Why were the friends making fun of Steve, the last guy Monica dated?
  9. Why did Monica compare her friends to Coyotes picking off weak members of the herd?
  10. Why did Monica’s co-worker follow up with the statement of: “As someone who has seen more than her share of bad beef”?  How does this relate to Monica’s comparison of her friends who are like coyotes picking off weak members of the herd?
  11. What did the friends promise to do (or not to do) for Monica while in the living room?
  12. Why did Allen slur when he introduced himself to Monica’s friends?
  13. What does Alan will be the yardstick against which all future boyfriends will be measured mean?
  14. When Chandler started walking slowly and said: “You know I’ll be doing that at parties”, what was he referring to?
  15. Why did Ross compare Allan to the Tasmanian Devil during their softball game?
  16. What does it mean to be a little too Alan?
  17. Why did Phoebe tell the homeless lady, Lizzy: “… sometimes Y”?
  18. Why did Phoebe say:  “… floating in there like a tiny little hitchhiker”?
  19. Why was Chandler so angry and cranky?
  20. Why did Alan feel relieved when Monica dumped him?


  1. Have you ever gone on a date and been told or had to say: “We should do this again?”
  2. Have your parents ever told you that your pet went off to live on a farm?
  3. Have you ever tried smoking, but coughed a lot?  Explain.
  4. If your account were credited $500.00, would you keep it or tell the bank?  Why?
  5. Have you ever been unable to introduce your boy/girlfriend to your friends?  Why?
  6. Do you give your friend’s boy/girlfriends a hard time?
  7. Have you ever met a boy/girlfriend of your friend that you really approved of?
  8. Have you ever played a game, like softball, with your friend’s boy/girlfriend?
  9. Have you ever given money or anything else to a homeless person?
  10. Have you ever snuck a smoke like Chandler did in his office?
  11. Have you ever had a New York pretzel? (Can be bought everywhere now, not only NYC).
  12. Have you ever seen something in a drink or food that didn’t belong?
  13. Have you ever tried to help a friend quit smoking?
  14. If you had a bad habit, but so did your friends, would you tell them to stop bugging you to quit the bad habit?
  15. Tell us about your bad habits.  Do you friends have bad habits?
  16. Do you know anyone who cracks their knuckles, snorts while they laugh, over pronounce ever word, or chews on their hair?
  17. Have you ever had to dump someone?
  18. Have you ever been to a (Central) Park and rented boats with your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  19. What do people eat when they get dumped?
  20. Has a company ever given you anything because there was a mistake, it was broken, or it was old and mouldy/rotten?

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