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1.  Whack!
When you don’t like something, you can call it whack, like: "That video game is whack", because it’s a bad video game.

2.  'Sup?
Abbreviated version of what's up? to find out what is new in their life.  If you see a buddy, instead of saying: "Hi, how are you"?, you can ask: "'Sup?" An appropriate answer would be: "Nothing much."

3.  To steal thunder
To take the attention away from something or someone, like when Monica was all excited about her engagement party, and then she saw Ross and Rachel kissing, she thought that they were trying to take the attention away from her, thus, stealing her thunder.

4.  Kick your ass.  
To beat up someone, to fight.  If you want to challenge someone to a fight, you can say: " I am going to kick your ass." Also, if you like something, you can say that it kicks ass; "The move, the Day After Tomorrow, really kicked ass."

5.  Big Talk. 
All talk and no action.  Someone has a lot to say, but doesn't back up their words.  If a person is insecure, they will say many things, but won't really follow up on what they have said.

6.  Come on. 
If you do not believe someone, you can say: "Oh, come on, you are a big, fat, liar".

7.  You bolt the door.
You use some tools, like a hammer, nails, or screws and screwdriver (or your hands) to keep the door closed.  (In Friends, Chandler was scared of the neighbour that Monica pissed off (made angry), so he told his buddies to bolt the door (keep it shut), so he could prevent the angry  nieghbour from entering their apartment.

8.  Chiming in.
To interrupt the speech of others, especially with an unwanted opinion. Also, to join in harmoniously.  To go together harmoniously; agree.

9.  You are on your own.
I am not going to support you.  Usually said to someone if their words or action were inappropriate.

10.  Playing a joke on him.  To make fun of someone.  To make a farce out of someone in a particular situation.

11.  Know what I mean?!
Perhaps said sarcastically when you want someone to understand you or agree with you about something slightly negative, or silly.

12.  Let's do it!  
To complete an action with another person. Can also mean, let's “hit a home run”.

13.  Biology failed me.  
Something doesn't work with your body. Chandler couldn't do it, because he drank too much champagne, so he said: "In high school I failed biology, and now, biology has failed me!

14.  You're made of wood.
Chandler said this, because wood is always strong and hard. He was making a cold joke about his problem.

15.  Bonus night.
This is when an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend become intimate after they have broken up.

16.  Yeah, I guess.
Tell, I suppose so; yes, I sort of agree.  Said in a situation when one may not be willing, or is unhappy with the result or outcome.

17.  Shake it off.
Said when one has something bothering them, so another person will try to help them feel better. Maybe another girl talks to your boyfriend and this bothers you (makes you jealous,) so you try to shake it off; make the bad feeling go away.

18.  Stuff.
Said when you do not really want others to understand or hear what you really mean.  Can also have romantic undertones; Rachel told Ross he was good at the stuff; romantically.  Stuff can also mean things.

19.  Way to go guys.
Congratulations hands, or amazing work hands, because Rachel told Ross that she liked his hands in bed.  You can also say way to go to congratulate someone on a job well done.

20.  Break up.
When a couple stops going out/dating.  Rachel and Ross are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.  They have broken up.

21.  No strings attached.
When a 2 people are in a causal relationship, this can mean that there is no real commitment.  They can see each other without really calling themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. A relationship minus the hang-ups and restrictions.

22.  Dude.
A friend, or a way to call a guy; hey man, hey dude.

23.  On a scale from one to ten.
When you want to judge something, 1 being the lowest, and ten being the highest. Lots of guys will say, that girl is an 8, meaning she is really hot or pretty.

24.  Man child.
A grown man who is really immature, or childish.  Has yet to develop mentally, like Joey.

25.  Kind of.
When you are not sure, or do not want to tell the truth, you can say this.

26.  Incident.
A definite and separate occurrence; an event.  A usually minor event or condition that is subordinate to another.  Something contingent on or related to something else.  An occurrence or event that interrupts normal procedure or precipitates a crisis: an international incident.

27.  Check this out.
To take a look, see something, realise something.

28.  Pound on you a little.
To hit or beat someone a bit.

29.  Opened the door to the past.
When Monica saw Ross and Rachel kissing, she saw what they used to do in the past, so opening the door was like looking into the past.

30.  Getting back together.
After a couple has broken up, they might try to make things work again, by seeing each other once again.

31.  I swear.
To promise.

32.  Make a big deal out of this.
To exaggerate or highlight something, a situation or experience.

33.  Aw, crap.
Oh darn, dam it oh no, oh darn it.  Said when something goes wrong.

34.  Mai-Tai.
A cocktail made with rum, curaro, and fruit juices.  Also, in the Tahitian language (spoken in Tahiti, maitai means: good.)

35.  Take it away.
Said to someone when you do not want something anymore.  Maybe said to a waiter if the food sucks (tastes bad).

36.  Guess who?
Do you know who it is?  Maybe your pal will come up behind you, put their hands over your eyes, and say: "Guess who"?

37.  Left some stuff up in the air.
Some things were not spoken. An unfinished conversation or statement.

38.  Who cares?
Said when you are not concerned.  "Do you think my hair looks nice?"  If you do not want to waste your time with this sort of thing, tell your friend;  "Who cares?"

39.  Bonjour Mouseir!
Hello Mister in French.  Monica said this to Chandler, pretending they were in Paris.

40.  There is too much wisdom in there.
Because Joey is 32 years old, his eyes do not look like a 19 year old's, so Phoebe said that his eyes reveal his intelligence, or experience.

41.  They break your heart, don't they?
Watching the actions of a couple can make you heartsick, missing the feeling of love.

42.  Get rid of.
To discard or throw something away.

43.  Sweet 16.
A special birthday part for a 16 year old girl.

44.  Caricaturist.
Someone who parodies in an exaggerated manner; hired by Monica’s parents for her sweet 16, to ensure a lively party.

45.  3rd base.
First base is when a couple kisses.  The more that happens, the more bases are scores, until the couple “hits a home run”.  Can also mean, the third of the bases on the diamond counter clockwise from home plate; the last base to be reached by a runner before home plate.  The position played by the third baseman.

46.  Mimey
A mime is someone who paints his face white, will not speak, and imitates your every action.  So, to make fun of someone who copies you, you can call then mimey.

47.  The moment has passed.
You had your chance, and now the chance is gone.

48.  Made out.  Kissed.

49.  Got me?
If you do not have an answer, instead of saying, I do not know, you can say: "Got me?"

50.  Getting together.
To meet someone. To begin dating someone, or to see someone romantically.

51.  I'm calling it off.
 I am cancelling the experience, or situation.  To save his pride, Ross called off bonus night.

52.  Way to save your dignity my man.
By refusing to sleep with Rachel, Ross was able to maintain his esteem or respect. "Way to" can be a way for a friend to push you along, as in: "Way to go, your test scores were great!"

53. Take away from (your night).
When someone does not want to steal the thunder, or distract others from your special night or experience.

54.  Resentful.
 Angry or jealous towards someone or something.

55.  Can't stand the fact.
Do not like an experience, situation.  Really do not like it.

56Everybody wins.
Nobody loses, everyone is a winner.

57Yeah, you like that baby?
Said when you are courting or flirting.  Maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend will say that when kissing, or trying to go to 2nd base.

58.  Take off.
To leave, go away, depart.

59.  What can I say?
When you want to be humble, but you are proud, you can say this.  Carol:  “Michael, your song sounds great!”  Michael: “What can I say, I know I am good!”

60.  These bad boys.
Ross was referring to his hands when he said this.

61.  The Plaza.
This is a famous hotel in New York City’s Broadway Theater Distract.  Also known as the Milford Plaza Hotel.

1. What did Ross and Rachel do in the hallway?
2.  Where did Monica want to go to celebrate her engagement to Chandler?
3.  Why is the coffeehouse called Central Perk?
4.  Why was Phoebe hurt?
5.  What are Chandler and Monica?

      A)  Married                     D) Going steady

      B)  Divorced                   E) Separated

      C)  Engaged                    F) Friends
6.  Why was Monica so hurt?
7.  Why did Rachel pretend to "do something" Ross?
8.  How did these 2 best friends make up (stop being mad/hurt with one another)?
9.  What happened to Chandler in the bedroom?  Did he have a “problem”?
10.  Where did Chandler say he wants to take Monica on their honeymoon (a trip a newlywed couple takes immediately after holy wedlock [the wedding])?


1.     If your friend wore your clothes, would you let them keep them, or tell them to give them back to you?

2.     If you could be one character from “Friends”, who would it be and why?

3.     Who is your favorite character, and why?

4.     Do you think Joey can play the role of a nineteen year old?

5.     Have you ever sung at someone’s wedding, just like Phoebe wants?

6.     Monica wanted to go to the Plaza to celebrate her engagement.  Where did or will you go to celebrate your engagement?                  

7.     Has anyone ever proposed to you, or have you ever proposed to someone?

8.      Ross and Rachel talked about having a bonus night.  What do you think about old flings having a bonus night?

9.     Do you have a friend who is a terrible singer?  Have you ever had to tell them to put a lid on it?

10.   Do you think Monica was too sensitive about losing her thunder?  How would you have reacted if you were in her shoes?

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